Hi Rise Hive - Really Local Honey & Pure Beeswax Body Care

Joanne and One Of Her Hives

Joanne Thomas is an urban beekeeper with rooftop honey bee hives in New York City.

Her honey bees make delicious, pure, local honey.

When she harvests her honey, some of the beeswax is left behind. She uses it to create Hi Rise Hive handmade skin care products and candles.

Ingredients: Sunshine, flowers, rain and buzz!

Honey and Beeswax are Precious

To make a pound of honey, bees collect nectar from over a million flowers and travel a distance of three times around the globe.

Bees make wax as a container for their honey. That’s the honeycomb.

One thousand flowers yield one drop of beeswax.

All honey bees you see on flowers are females. Only females make honey and beeswax.

Honey and beeswax are natural, renewable, sustainable products.